F-Stop Swap

My Short Biography



The F-Stop Swap traces it's roots back to 1987, when the Doug Erickson, had his first show at the Knollwood Shopping center. Originally the shows were called  P.W.U.C (People Who Use Cameras), but some people started to refer to it as the "PUKE" show. So, a contest was held, for a new show name. Walter Freugel was the winning of the naming contest. His idea of the F-Stop Swap has been used ever since.   Now, in 2013 the show draws several hundred people, who can browse over 70 tables of New and Used Photo items.  Sellers come from all over the US to buy, sell and trade equipment.

     As of May 1st, 2006 Doug Erickson, has retired from promoting the show but will continue to be part of the show as a seller, selling a broad range of photo and tech equipment. 

     I hope  that I am a familiar face to many at the shows.  I have been selling at the F-Stop Swap since 1990. I have been involved the camera business off and on for over forty years.  I started helping my father, Gordon Granger, who owned Village Camera Shop, in the stadium village area of the University of Minnesota. After my father closed his store in the early 80's, I continued to sell equipment on a small scale. In the mid 90's I closed my secretarial business to concentrate on kids and cameras. My wife Beth and I have been blessed to have parented 11 children over the last 20 years --mostly either foster or adopted children, staying anywhere from a year to going on twenty years. So, I would be a "stay-at-home" dad during the weekdays, and on many weekends would travel all over the Midwest, selling cameras at Photo Equipment shows. When our youngest child was born, 14 years ago,  I started selling equipment, almost exclusively on the Internet, which allowed me to be at home more. For the last couple of years, attended the F-Stop Swap just as a buyer, as well as traveling around the United States buying Photo Equipment.

The F-Stop Swap is a Used Camera Equipment Show and Sale.  Currently it's held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

My name is Gordy Granger (the big guy with the beard),  theoretically, I now own and run F-Stop Swap and sell used photo equipment on line. The real brains and backbone behind the show is my wife, Beth (the lady in the grey shirt) with her hard work at the show,  It allows me to focus on buying equipment for resale.  

 Beth and we tried to get or draft one or all of my four children to pitch in and help. Lewis the oldest, and Leah the youngest in the bottom roll. Ed standing next to my wife and Steve standing next to me.

I bought the show in 2006 from Doug Erickson who started the show in 1987. I started selling at the F-Stop Swap in the early 90's.and have been involved with photo equipment sales for close to 50 years.  I started helping my father, at his camera store (Village Camera Shop) in the late 1960's. In the 1980's  I owned a small business in south Minneapolis.  Also in late 1980's Beth and I took in our first foster child, and over the next 20 years parented 9 foster children, three of which we adopted.  At times in the 90's we had 5 children in the house. 

Since Beth had been working in various social service jobs over the years, I became a stay at home dad in the early 1990's.  In order to keep my sanity I sold used camera equipment out of the house, and would go to Used Camera Equipment shows on weekends.  Traveling to Chicago, Detroit, Iowa, Omaha, Kansas, and Dallas.