Do you need to sell your equipment now, and can't wait for the next show?

Renting a table at the show, gives you a chance to get a higher price for your equipment, it allows you to present your items to a large number of photographic buyers. But, if you need or want to sell your equipment before the show, please feel free to contact me.

Gordy Granger
Village Camera Shop
Sorry, I don't have a physical locations, on line sales only

PO Box 100
Elko New Market, MN  55020-0100

I buy photo equipment year around, from a single item to large estates. 
I will give you a fair  price for your equipment. 

Camera Types That I Buy?

  • Antique to Modern
  • 35mm Cameras
  • Collectables to useable equipment Camera Lenses
  • Digital SLR's Camera Accessories
  • Large Format
  • Medium Format
  • Flashes
  • Subminiature
  • TLR's (Twin Lens Reflexes)
  • DARKROOM EQUIPMENT (Sorry no enlargers)

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